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Hello, beautiful.

Yes. I’m talking to you. 
Want to know how I know?

Somewhere between finishing college, starting your career, growing your family, and learning to adult like a boss, you forgot what it feels like to be the amazing, beautiful woman you are.

The layers of overwhelm, uncertainty, daily dread, exhaustion, and fear that you’re not doing it right has stacked on day after day, month after month, and year after year.

Deadlines, responsibilities, and lack of time keep you feeling stressed, hectic, impatient, and tired. It’s tough to balance it all and still make yourself a priority, without feeling guilty about wanting to do so.

Let me guess...

You love where you work but hate your actual job.
You don’t care about sex anymore.
You’ve forgotten how to play.
You don’t even know what you really want out of life anymore.

But what you do know is...

You want to get out of day to day survival mode.
You don’t want to live life waiting for Friday.
You want to be more patient, to be more present with your family.
You want to fall asleep knowing you did your best that day, and you’re happy about it.
You want to feel happy and truly fulfilled.

The Energy Bias is Real

You’re much more likely to feel the burn of burnout than your male counterparts. Most often the cause is never being taught how to succeed from the power of your feminine energy.

Masculine energy has dominated our culture for decades. As women we’re hit with reminders constantly that in order to succeed we must work harder, be tougher, be stronger.

And look where it’s led us: tired, overwhelmed, burned out, utterly exhausted...

The only way for you to start to feel like your beautiful vibrant sexy self again is to reclaim your feminine energy with everything you have.

And the key to doing that is to STOP CHASING AFTER IT.

When hustle gets in the way

Women all around you are hustling to find more ease and peace of mind.  We’re going after happiness like it’s an account to be won or a shiny, new title to be granted. Doing all.the.things. may seem like it makes sense, but unfortunately...

You’re chasing after an experience that can’t be caught.

It has to be tapped into.

That’s right. Not acquired like a new pair of Jimmy Choos, but TAPPED INTO. We tap into it, because it’s already there. It’s always been there, we just lose sight of it in all the hustling and bustling till we burnout. 

You know what it is.

It’s being…

  • A radiant and powerful woman
  • The sexiesty version of yourself
  • Playful, and more lighthearted energy

It’s feeling…

  • Stronger, less self-judging, more risk-taking, and more confident.
  • The fun-filled marriage and home life you dreamed of when you were getting married.
  • More relaxed and less uptight with your kids and just perfection in general.
  • Way more energy in your work day.

It’s not lost…just hidden under all the overwhelm and exhaustion.

As silly as it sounds, you need someone to help you slow down and figure out how to prioritize differently because if you don’t, you’re going to get caught up in the endless to-dos and routines where you don’t have energy, patience, or time.

What's hidden can always be found again.

If you’re ready to get back to living your best life, let’s connect.

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